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Snow Removal from Roofs Case Studies: Snow & Ice Removal On Roof in Waterbury

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015 by Kellie Shaw


Armor Shield Exteriors were called in to remove snow from a residential roof that was found to have thick patches of ice which had collected due to the snow melting from the peak of the roof and refreezing as it collected at the bottom. We had to make sure the ice was removed as well as the snow to avoid any water leaks and/or other structural damage caused by the weight.


Snow was shoveled and or completely raked off the roof. We then used a special steamer to loosen the ice so that the larger pieces can be removed by hand. The thinner sections of ice were completely disolved with the steam. Once all the snow and ice had been completely removed, we examined the roof and guttes for any possible damage caused by the snow & ice. If repairs were needed they would be addressed with the homeowner to make their decision as they saw fit.

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