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Roof Replacement Case Studies: Rotting Wood & Roof Replacement in Bristol, CT

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015 by Kellie Shaw


The homeowner contacted us after noticing leaks in the ceiling of their dining room which had a double sided chimney. The homeowner thought that the leaks could be coming from around the chimney.  We checked the attic and found that the plywood had started to rot.  There were signs of mold developing.  Not good! It was apparent that this problem has been going on for a while before the stains formed on the ceiling. Upon examination it was apparent that the roof had 2 layers and had sustained damage from snow and ice build up and would need to be replaced.


The homeowner contacted their insurance company and filed a claim. Once everything was in place with the insurance our crew went in and removed the existing roof and found that many of sheets of the plywood needed to be replaced because of the condition. The crew removed the existing plywood and replaced a total of 22 new sheets to return the roof to a safe and workable condition. Once all the plywood had been replaced they then were able to install Owens Corning lifetime architectural shingles as well as ice & water dams, ridge cat & matching ridge vent. New drip edge and rake on the total house along with pipe boots around all pipes penetrating the roof. New flashing was installed around the chimney along with new gutters and downspouts. The damage from the roof had extended into the ceiling in the dining room and was set to be repaired upon completion of the roof. Our pictures below show the house before the repairs and during to show the condition of the plywood prior to replacement. The final picture is of the newly installed roof. The homeowner is very happy they made the call and was very impressed by the quick response to the call as well as the time in which everything was completed.

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