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Before and After Pictures from Litchfield County
New Milford, CT Roof Replacement Using Owens Corning Onyx Black Shingles

New Milford, CT Roof Replacement Using Owens Corning Onyx Black Shingles

Before After
New Milford, CT Roof Replacement Using Owens Corning Onyx Black Shingles New Milford, CT Roof Replacement Using Owens Corning Onyx Black Shingles

This New Milford, CT homeowner contacted Armor Shield Exteriors with concerns of possible roof damage. Upon an inspection, our team determined there was damage and they worked effectively to get the job done. The before photo shows the job just beginning and the after photo shows the job after it was complete. We used Owens Corning Onyx Black Shingles. 

Bethlehem, CT Roof Replacement using Owens Corning Quarry Gray Shingles

Bethlehem, CT Roof Replacement using Owens Corning Quarry Gray Shingles

Before After
Bethlehem, CT Roof Replacement using Owens Corning Quarry Gray Shingles Bethlehem, CT Roof Replacement using Owens Corning Quarry Gray Shingles

This Bethlehem, CT customer contacted Armor Shield Exteriors looking for a roof replacement. Our team inspected the home and it was evident that they were in need of a roof replacement, like they suspected. We worked quickly and effectively to replace their roof using Owens Corning Quarry Gray Shingles. 

Roof Replacement in Watertown, CT

Roof Replacement in Watertown, CT

Before After
Roof Replacement in Watertown, CT Roof Replacement in Watertown, CT

A Watertown, CT homeowner was dealing with a leaky roof.  He noticed some water damage in an upstairs bedroom after a recent rain storm.  Armor Shield Exteriors was there immediately to inspect the roof and was able to identify all vulnerabilities.  Since this was an old home, it was decided upon to replace the entire roof to eliminate any future issues.  The homeowners were very happy with the final outcome and look forward to the days ahead.

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Roof Repair, Replacement and Regular Roof Maintenance in Litchfield, CT

Common roofing problems are often inevitable, but easy to repair with the right contractor. Armor Shield Exteriors is a full service roofing company dedicated to serving residents of Litchfield, CT with reliable, affordable roofing solutions. Our team of professional roof installers can repair, replace and service the roof on your home. All of our projects start with a free estimate so you know exactly what you're getting when it comes time to execute the project.

Whether you are looking to fix a roof that has been damaged or you are in need of total replacement to increase the value and beauty of your home, we can help. We specialize in every service necessary to restore the structural integrity of your roof with a design that will compliment your home.

Roofing Services in Litchfield, CT:

  • Roof Repair
  • Roof Maintenance
  • Roof Leak Repairs
  • Emergency Roof Repairs
  • Hail Damage
  • Commercial Roofing
  • Roof Replacement
  • Energy Efficient Shingles
  • Snow Removal
  • Ice Dam Removal
  • Roof Inspections & FREE Estimates

Call us at 1-855-272-1229 to schedule a free roofing estimate for your home in Litchfield, CT. We can ensure a wide range of roofing services that can resolve any of your roofing issues.

Job Stories From Litchfield County, CT
Fire Loss Torrington, CT Home

We were called to this two family home to provide emergency services because of a fire that had broken out on the second floor. Upon arrival we met with the homeowner who was a little shaken and apparently upset that his home was unlivable and not knowing the condition of the inside and if any of his person belongings were salvageable. Upon speaking with him we assured him that we are here to help him and explained the procedure that was going to take place and that one of the first things that the crew was going to start with is to perform a water extraction to remove any of the water left over from the fire being put out and then fans were to be placed inside to dry out the rooms. Next we were able to start cleaning up the remnants and what ever was salvageable such as furniture, wall hangings, appliances such as tv's and other small items were packed and placed in storage. Other personal items were boxed up for the  homeowner to go through and see if they wanted to keep it or have it disposed of. After the emergency process was completed we then met with the adjuster and went over the claim. If the homeowner has not contacted the insurance we help them to file the claim as well as work with the insurance closely until the job is completed and all funds have been received for the damage. In this case the homeowner was fortunate to be able to take up residence in the apartment and had contacted his insurance company as soon as the fire had been extinguished so we just took over working with the insurance company from that point. After a couple days the homeowner had become more relaxed and hopeful that he can back into his residence with in a few months time and was very appreciative of all the service we provided and all the assistance in helping them get through the worst couple days they have experienced. 

Fire Loss Torrington, CT Home - Photo 1Fire Loss Torrington, CT Home - Photo 2Fire Loss Torrington, CT Home - Photo 3Fire Loss Torrington, CT Home - Photo 4
Water leak due to damaged roof

Shortly after a heavy rainstorm began  we received a call from the homeowner stating that there was a substantial leak in two rooms of her home as well as the front porch and she was using buckets to collect the water and try to contain as much as they could to prevent it from spreading into other neighboring rooms. Immediately our crew was dispatched and as soon as they arrived were shown where the leaks were and they immediatley started to extract the water. It was determined that the water was coming from the roof so the mitigation project manager contacted one of our roofing specialits to come out and inspect. As soon as our Roofing specialist stepped onto the roof they immediatley spotted the cause for the leak Immedicately a tarp was placed over the damaged areas. The roof had severe wind & storm damage and do to this the water was able to get into the attic and then began to leak into the rooms. It seems that the damage had occured a while back and since that it had not been known the damage became worse over time and this storm was just too much for it to handle. Once the tarp was placed and the leaks were stopped our crew was able to extract all the water followed by spraying a botanical plant based anti microbial spray to the areas that were exposed to the water after that they then placed drying equipment in the areas where the leak occured as well as the outer rooms to remove any additional moisture and keep the area dry. Then the crew started to remove all the affected drywall, baseboards and moldings as well as packaged up the personal belongins as well as some of the furniture to be put in storage until the repairs are completed. The Mitigation project manager explained what the process was going to include from this point and what to expect at the end. He explained that they needed to wait until the rooms were dry and the humidity levels were normal in order to start the repairing of the walls. Because of when the home was built a test for asbestos had to take place and any sheetrock or ceiling material that tested positive would be removed by people who specialize with asbestos would be called in to do so. The home was scheduled to have the roof replaced as soon as it had been inspected by the insurance adjuster along with our Roofing specialist which occured within a couple days and approval was granted within a short time after. This made it easier for the interior repairs to be completed within a reasonable time frame. The homeowner was very happy that she contacted us immediately and felt releived that we met with the adjusters and worked with them through the whole process and handled everything in such a professional manner. 

Water leak due to damaged roof - Photo 1Water leak due to damaged roof - Photo 2Water leak due to damaged roof - Photo 3Water leak due to damaged roof - Photo 4Water leak due to damaged roof - Photo 5Water leak due to damaged roof - Photo 6
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