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Stamford, CT Roof Replacement with Owens Corning Onyx Black Shingles

These Stamford, CT homeowners were concerned about some missing shingles that they were able to see from their yard. We inspected the roof and saw that they have multiple missing shingles! We were able to assist them and get them a full roof replacement. We used Owens Corning Onyx Black Duration Shingles

Roof Replacement in Danbury, CT

A Danbury, CT homeowner contacted us for a new roof. Her original roof was not only aged but it had suffered wind damage in a recent storm. The homeowner was concerned about potential leaks and if the roof could withstand another winter. Upon inspection, it was clear that the roof was in need of replacement. We scheduled the day with the homeowner and the work began. Our crew went up and completely removed the existing roof. After the removal, the existing plywood was examined to make sure there was no deterioration which would have been replaced prior to them laying the ProArmor underlayment. We installed Owens Corning Lifetime Architectural shingles as well as other items such as Ice & Water shield, pipe boots, ridge vents, and flashing around the chimney which come from our local distributors. The homeowner is very happy and no longer worried about the upcoming winter months.

Danbury, CT Roof Replacement using Owens Corning Amber Shingles

This Danbury, CT homeowner contacted Armor Shield Exteriors looking for a roof replacement. We sent one of our sales representatives to the home for a free inspection. The inspection showed damaged shingles to the roof. After setting up a date that worked best for the homeowner, our team got to work on the roof. Our team removed the previous shingles and replaced them using Owens Corning Amber Shingles. The homeowner is happy with how their roof looks and they are happy they contacted Armor Shield Exteriors for their roof project! 

Danbury, CT Roof Replacement using Owens Corning Shingles

This homeowner in Danbury, CT contacted Armor Shield Exteriors for a roof replacement. Upon the free inspection, it was evident the home had damaged shingles. We scheduled a date with the homeowner to start the job and our crew got to work. On the day of the job, our project manager delivered the dumpster and all the materials to the home early that morning. The first step was to remove the previous shingles and examine the plywood underneath for any damage. Once our crew was certain the plywood was secured, the next step was to install the Owens Corning ProArmor Synthetic Roof Underlayment to protect the home from any future water damage that may occur. The final step was to install the new roof using Owens Corning Shingles. 

Roof Replacement in Bethel, CT

This Bethel, CT homeowner contacted us after noticing there was something wrong with their roof.  They contacted us for an inspection. Upon inspection it was evident that the roof had been affected by recent storms and would not be able to be fixed. After explaining what was found to be wrong with the roof to them, they contacted their insurance company to file a claim. Once everything was in place our crew went out and removed the existing roof and installed a brand new one. The products we used are Owens Corning Lifetime Shingles, ProArmour underlayment, and various other products from our local distributors. The homeowner was very happy to have the job done so quickly and professionally. They are also relieved to know they will not have to worry about inclement weather anymore!

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