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Roof Replacement in Danbury,CT

A Danbury homeowner contacted us for a new roof. Her original roof not only being aged but it had suffered wind damage in a recent storm. The homeowner was concerned about potential leaks and if the roof could withstand another winter. Upon inspection it was clear that the roof was in need of replacement. We scheduled the day with the homeowner and work began. Our crew wet up and completely removed the existing roof. After the removal the existing plywood was examined to make sure there was no deterioration which would have been replaced prior to them laying the ProArmor underlayment. We installed Owens Corning Lifetime Architectural shingles as well as other items such as Ice & Water shield, pipe boots, ridge vents, and flashing around the chimney which come from our local distributors. The homeowner is very happy and no longer worried about the upcoming winter months.

Roof Replacement in Bethel, CT

This Bethel homeowner contacted us after noticing there was something wrong with their roof.  They contacted us for an inspection. Upon inspection it was evident that the roof had been affected by recent storms and would not be able to be fixed. After explaining what was found to be wrong with the roof to them, they contacted their insurance company to file a claim. Once everything was in place our crew went out and removed the existing roof and installed a brand new one. The products we used are Owens Corning Lifetime Shingles, ProArmour underlayment, and various other products from our local distributors. The homeowner was very happy to have the job done so quickly and professionally. They are also relieved to know they will not have to worry about inclement weather anymore!

Roof Repair in Trumbull, CT

Homeowner called us because they had ice dams last year that had caused leaks. Upon inspection it was determined that the roof had two layers of shingles which had been damaged and needed to be replaced. Our crew removed the two layers and installed ProArmor underlayment followed by Owens Corning Lifetime Architectural Shingles. We installed all new drip edge and rake edge on the whole house, New flashing on the chimneys as well as new pipe boots on all pipes penetrating the roof and Ridge Cat rolled ridge vent with matching caps. All the supplies we purchased from our local distributors.

Roof Replacement in Waterbury, CT

Homeowner contacted us after their roof had received considerable damage during a bad storm this summer. The roof was inspected by us and found it needed to be replaced. Homeowner contacted their insurance company and with in a couple months we had the roof replaced with Owens Corning lifetime Architectural shingles and other products all from local distributors. Homeowner is pleased that the process went very smoothly and they no longer have to worry about the possibility of leaks.

Barn Roof Installation

The homeowner contacted us to schedule an inspection on their barn roof. After speaking with the homeowners as to the concerns they had, we arranged to have one of our inspectors go out. Within a couple days, we had a look.

During the inspection it was apparent that the roof had suffered damage during one of the many storms that came through Connecticut in the past few months. The findings were discussed with the homeowners, and they decided to contact their insurance company and file a claim. We explained to them that the roof was not able to only be repaired due to the damage and that also age was a factor since the shingles would not match. Once they had heard back from the adjuster as to when they would be going out to do their own inspection, we asked that they contact us with the date and time so that we can meet and go over our findings and make sure they don't overlook an important detail.

After the estimates were drawn up and the insurance approved the claim, we contacted the homeowner to set up an appointment to have them pick out a color and schedule the date to have the roof installed. Our office then began to order the materials and arrange for the dumpster to be delivered first thing in the morning. Our crew arrived and began removing the existing roof and then they examined the plywood to make sure it was in proper condition for installation of the new roof.

Now, the installation began, the first item installed was the drip edge followed by the ice and water shield which is extremely important to avoid ice dams which can damage your newly installed roof. Once that has been completed before laying the shingles they install the underlay and starter. Once that has been completed, the shingles are ready to be installed followed by the ridge vent and caps.

The homeowner was extremely happy when they saw the new roof as well as thankful they made the call before something major may have happened down the road

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